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Company profile

 Zhongshan Yocoss Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd. began to study photoelectric infrared technology from 1970’s. With more than 30 years’ development and endeavor, we have become the most professional supplier of making the infrared sensor products, which also has reached international advanced technology level.In 1997, YOCOSS entered into Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province—The manufacturing industry base of the hardware in China, then she become the leader of the research and develop and sales of producing the inductive products together.
Zhongshan Yocoss Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd
    The Brand of CLAUDY include the main product are: automatic sensor faucet, automatic sensor urinal flusher and automatic sensor toilet flusher, and the sencondary products are: automatic hand dryer, automatic hairdresser, automatic soap dispensers. The products, which are wildly used in public places such as enterprise, hotels, office buildings, airports, stations, docks, etc.
Zhongshan Yocoss Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd
 ““To offer the high quality and the best service for the customer” is the power source of CLAUDY, “to make the world become more beautiful because of saving water” is the mission of CLAUDY, “to focus on innovation and exploration” is the sprite of CLAUDY. “Social and natural, environmental” is its responsibility.
To be awarded the ISO9001:2000 certificate from SGS in 2000.
To be awarded the water conservation certificate in 2001.
To be awarded the CCC certificatein 2002.
To be awarded the CE certificate in 2003.
The high quality, innovational technology, excellent process and design, which made CLAUDY become classical products in these years.
CLAUDY’s core valve is social harmony, company is harmony with nature.
The spirit of CLAUDY: rational, dedication, noble and vision.